Monday, September 12, 2011

A Match Made in Hell by Terry Garey

This is book 2 in the Nikki Styx series. In book 1 Nikki has a brush with death that leaves her with the ability to hear and see ghosts. Book 2 continues Nikki's story. Nikki gets visited by a ghost who has a daughter that has been in an accident. The Ghost wants Nikki to help find her daughter whose car has went off a cliff. Nikki gets to the daughter just in time only to learn its her twin sister and the ghost was her birth Mother. Nikki's twin sister Kelly can also see spirits too! They learn they have a Grandmother that lives in Savannah and she asks them to come visit. Soon they both agree to visit this Grandmother and find out answers about their past and about their mother. They arrive at the house and find out it is really haunted and full of secrets. They have a run in with a few ghosts and the devil himself! Can Nikki and Kelly make it out? And will the be able to resist the devil?
I rated this 3. I liked the book and will continue on the series. For me they are fast reads and easy!

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