Monday, September 5, 2011

If you haven't heard about this book they are making a series out of it on the CW that premieres on September 15th. The same night as the Vampire Diaries season premiere. So I wanted to read it because I wanted to see just how different it would end up on the tv screen.

Here is my review which may contain some spoilers so read at your own risk!

Cassie is forced to move from Sunny California where all her friends are and what she considers "home" to New Salem, Massachuetts to move in with her Grandmother who is becoming older and cannot live alone. Cassie is not one bit happy about this and longs for her old life. She meets a stranger on a beach and saves him from Jocks who wish him harm. She feels a connection with him. Thinking she'll never see him again she moves to New Salem. Cassie decides to make due with her situation. Her first day of school she has run ins with "The Club" a group of teens in her school everyone seems to be afraid of. Students and teachers alike. But Cassie feels drawn to them. Cassie meets Diana and becomes Diana's "Little Sister" and Diana takes her under her wing. A tragedy takes place and Cassie is inducted into the club. Where the guy she saved on the beach returns and she finds out its Diana's love interest. The Club members are direct descendants of witches from Salem. And Cassie learns she has powers. Murders and accidents start taking place and everyone is pointing the finger. WHO or WHAT is killing these people?

I gave it 3 stars because I like the book. It isn't my favorite of all time but it is my 2nd time reading it. (First time in High School over 10 years ago)

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