Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding by various authors

I know some people really liked this book. Maybe I just don't do the whole short story thing who knows. But I had a HARD HARD time getting through some of these. In fact I think I actually fell asleep a few times reading this. However thats JUST ME though and some people would probably really dig these short stories. I guess I like more "Meat" to my books and need a longer story. Here is a summary: An "ordinary" wedding can get crazy enough, so can you imagine what happens when otherworldly creatures are involved? Nine of the hottest authors of paranormal fiction answer that question in this delightful collection of supernatural wedding stories. What's the seating plan when rival clans of werewolves and vampires meet under the same roof? How can a couple in the throes of love overcome traps set by feuding relatives---who are experts at voodoo? Will you have a good marriage if your high-seas wedding is held on a cursed ship? How do you deal with a wedding singer who's just a little too good at impersonating Elvis? · L. A. Banks · Jim Butcher · Rachel Caine · P. N. Elrod · Esther M. Friesner · Lori Handeland · Charlaine Harris · Sherrilyn Kenyon · Susan Krinard Shape-shifters, wizards, and magic, oh my! Rated 1 star

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