Saturday, January 21, 2012

Take One and Take Two (Above the Line Series books 1 and 2) by Karen Kingsbury

Book 1: This series has been on my shelf for awhile now. I've been reading the Bailey Flanigan series and felt like I needed to read the books before so I could get caught up on everything. This book started out slow for me. New characters were introduced and it took me until about halfway through the book to start "liking" them for lack of a better term. Bascially two missionaries decide to make an inspirational film. And they want all creative control so they get "backers" to help them finance the movie. They have lots of trials that seem to get in the way and make it really hard for them to make this movie they feel like they are being led to make. One of the mens daughter Andi is introduced as Bailey Flannigan's college roommate. She has grown up a missionaries child and has always been a relatively good kid. However she is starting to feel like she is missing out and starts putting herself in less then stellar situations. ie drinking at a frat party and alone at a lake with a movie star who is known as a player and having his way with the ladies. In the end they are faced with not having enough money to finish the movie. Will God give them a way to finish or is this God's way of telling them this is not His will. It is an ok book its definitely not my favorite Karen Kingsbury book. I will read the rest of the series but I really think this is going to get better as the series progresses.
review book 2 was a lot better then book 1. I feel for Kelly and Chase and hope that in books 3 and 4 they figure out a way to make things work better. Andi drives me nuts because she is so uneducated when it comes to life. I wish Bailey would just get over Cody Coleman. And I wish Cody Coleman would just get over her. LOL. Its a vicious cycle. Really! Still not my favorite series of books. But they are still pretty good. They are not awful by any means. I decided to combine these into one long post instead of two since it was a series and I read these back to back! Rated 3 stars for both!

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