Saturday, November 5, 2011

Life's That Way by Jim Beaver

Jim Beaver plays Bobby Singer on the CW TV show "Supernatural". It is one of my most favorite shows on television. I buy every season and I make sure to tune in every Friday night. To watch my beloved Winchester brothers go against whatever evil they are facing this week. Bobby is like a father to them. There helping, giving advice or just offering a drink when needed. He really helps make the show what it is. He is only on the show occasionally but man those episodes are always good.

Reading this book has been one of the HARDEST things I have done. One minute Jim has me laughing and the next I am crying so hard I think it warrants the dreaded "Ugly Face Cry" This book is a wonderful dedication to his wife Cecily. He started writing the emails when she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer. Which is where it gets hard for me. My own mother was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer back when I was 17. So basically reading this was kind of like reliving everything my mom went through. I remember her losing her hair. I remember her being in pain and I remember being in the hospital room with her when she passed away. There are so many similarities with Jim's feelings and the way I felt back then. Its been 12 years for me and time has made it easier but I never will forget and I never will stop missing or loving her! I love how in some emails he concludes "No bye bye" and my favorite was the "Good Morning, Good Morning" song that he sings to his daughter Maddie. Every email seems to impress me more and his ability to be human and have feelings and not be afraid to express them. I love that he freely says "I can't do it" or "I broke down today".
Yes this book is sad but it really is worth the read. There are so many good points he makes in the book that I think everyone should know. Read the book. Especially if you have lost someone to Cancer. Yes it will be hard and yes have tissues but really just knowing that someone else knows how you feel and its in writing can make all the difference!
Thank you Jim for saying what needed to be said that nobody else would say!

I rated 5 stars!

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