Wednesday, August 31, 2011

MY review of Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella

First off I just have to say that I LOVE Sophie Kinsella. Her Shopaholic books are some of my favorite chick lit. And this was no exception. Lara Lington is a girl from London, England. She is going to a funeral for a Great Aunt she has never met. Sadie Lancaster died at 105 of natural causes in the nursing home she lived in. Everyone seems really put out but going to this funeral for a "105 year old nobody" Lara starts seeing Sadie and she thinks she is going crazy. Sadie is going on and on about a necklace and that she can't rest without it. Yes Sadie is a ghost! And only Lara can see her! So at this point she stops the funeral after agreeing to help Sadie find her necklace. Lara isn't having the greatest life at the moment. She just broke up with her beloved boyfriend Josh and the company she runs with her best friend Natalie is going down the tube. They are headhunters which means they try to place people who are in jobs in better ones etc. And now she is seeing a ghost! So Sadie follows her around and will not leave her alone. Lara begins the hunt for the necklace and in the process meets the man of her dreams (thanks to Sadie) finds out a HUGE family scandal that leaves her Uncle Bill of the Lington coffee( kind of like a starbucks) a laughing stock and leaves starts her own head hunting company that is starting out awesome!

Want to know everything that happens? READ THE BOOK :)
I gave the book a 4 star rating :)

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